Are you ready for a seismic shift in networking?

Software-defined networking (SDN) is set to change corporate networks for good. Networks will soon be centrally controlled through software and no longer manually configured at the device level. This will make them more intelligent, programmable, and automated. But how prepared is your organisation to adapt to this change?

Find out now. Take 10 minutes to answer the 12 simple questions of our
SDN readiness self-assessment.

a birds eye view
A bird’s-eye view of the new networking world

Most people working in IT today have heard of software-defined networking as the next steps in the evolution of networks.

Whether the concept is fully understood yet – its technical meaning, as well as its wider implications for the industry – is another matter…

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how secure is programmable infrastructure
The move to software-based everything – how secure is programmable infrastructure?

The industry is still neglecting to ask some crucial questions about security…

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precis the lie fo the land
The lie of the land – networking’s changing market forces

The current ‘noise’ in the market surrounding software-defined networking can be confusing.

But the gains could be substantial for those who play their cards right…

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making a case
Making a case for software-defined networking – where will it be useful and why?

The adoption of new technology by end-user organisations usually follow as a predictable pattern.

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